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Make sure that you are aware of our terms & conditions

1. Code of conduct

  • Dress Code

Students/Practitioners/Participants are advised to be comfortably  dressed (very open and revealing clothes are prohibited during classes). 

  • Behavior

Students/Practitioners/ Participants shall treat all teachers and lecturers of Omnia Yoga School with respect at all times. Inappropriate behavior such as disturbing the discipline, insulting, lying, shouting shall not be tolerated.

  • Food

Eating during classes/lectures is prohibited.

  • Smoking, Drinking of Alcohol or use of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited during classes/lectures.

2. General Health Condition

  • Any health-related advice by Omnia Yoga School should not be used for diagnosing purposes or be substituted for professional medical advice.

  • Consult your doctor or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health.

  • It is a sole responsibility of the Students/Practitioners/Participants to consult a physician prior to and regarding their participation in the classes/courses offered by Omnia Yoga School.

  • Students/Practitioners/Participants are solely responsible for their health during classes and are advised to practice at their own pace, understanding their limits.

  • Students/Practitioners/Participants are required to inform their teacher for any changes in their health condition.

3. Pregnant Students/Participants

  • Pregnant students are required to inform their teacher for their condition. Pregnant students are solely allowed to participate in the specialized pregnancy classes.

4. Disclaimer

  • Omnia Yoga School shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss, injury, accident of students/participants during or as a result of any of our classes/courses/programs conducted by any of our teachers/lecturers/guest teachers. This release from responsibility applies for all offline and online classes/courses/programs organized by Omnia Yoga School.

5. Manuals, Reference and Reading Materials

  • Any manuals, notes and reading material given to the students/participants during their participation in our programs are strictly for personal use. The same are prohibited to be offered to third parties, to be distributed, printed, exploited, exhibited, transmitted, reproduced, broadcasted, adapted or posted in any public domain. Any such act will considered as copy right breach.

6. No Refund Policy

  • Omnia Yoga School has a no-refund policy for all its classes/courses/programs.

  •  Omnia Yoga School keeps the right to do not accept and/or terminate students/practitioners/participants from its program at any time.

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