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Yoga Therapy Consultation

1x Personal Yoga Therapy- Consultation, Evaluation and Plan

  • 1 hour
  • 49.99 euros
  • Location 1

Service Description

Holistic management of a wide range of mental and physical conditions through yoga therapy. Prior starting any therapy classes, we need to collect enough data about your lifestyle, symptoms and issue, so we can understand your condition better and be able to help you and create the suitable action plan for you. All yoga therapy classes and evaluation are led by certified yoga therapists professionals. According to your condition, you may need a permission from your doctor, allowing you to participate in yoga therapy classes. Yoga helps managing various physical and mental ailments and is used as main and/or complimentary therapy in today's health system. What to expect? 1. We will arrange an online meeting with you in a comfortable time, where we will discuss all your concerns. 2. You will be given to complete a questionnaire and/or tests to better evaluate your condition. You may be asked to send permission from your doctor, depending on the severity of your condition and/or any other relevant information. 3. After you return the filled form/s, we will create an evaluation and an action yoga therapy plan, designed accordingly. 4. We will arrange a second meeting with you to discuss the therapy plan and to arrange a starting date and time for the future therapy classes (Depending on your condition, you may be advised to join group classes, mixed -group & personal, or only personal). 5. Start the yoga therapy classes, according to the created action plan.

Contact Details

  • info@omniayogaschool.com